2009 RIDGECREST DR SE. ALBUQUERQUE, NM. 87108    |    OPEN  Saturdays 3-6PM (starting 09/16) | 

ni de aquí ni de allá is a socially engaged, experimental art space that challenges borders and binaries. Hosted inside of a 8’W x 20’ L cargo container in the backyard of the fronteristxs project space, ni de aquí ni de allá is rooted in making meaningful relationships with the community. It is a space for art, coalition events, screenings, workshops, and for exchanging knowledge, to challenge and continuously grow the narrative of making and exhibiting art.

ni de aquí ni de allá translates to “neither from here nor there” ; it is a phrase that many individuals have come to identify with to describe their experience of navigating the southwest borderlands. The fronteristxs both resonate with this statement and look to it as an inspiration for breaking the binary of all borders, as it offers an opportunity to create our own spaces of empowerment, liberation, and recognition.

ni de aquí ni de allá is maintained by the fronteristxs, a collective of artists and writers that fight for migrant justice and abolition of the prison industrial complex in the southwest borderlands of the United States. The fronteristxs are composed of 4 individuals: hazel batrezchavez, Szu-Han Ho, Bernadine Hernández, and Martín Wannam

 Upcoming Exhibitions: 

Pico del Hierro-Villa 


Breaking the borders of La Virgen de Guadalupe

Sept. 16-Oct.14 

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ni de aquí ni de allá is supported by the Fulcrum Fund, a grant program of 516 ARTS made possible by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the Frederick Hammersley Fund for the Arts at the Albuquerque Community Foundation

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