#NMERBdivest Campaign

On October 16, 2020, the NM Educational Retirement Board voted to change its policies in order to divest from private prison companies. This represents the first public pension fund in the Southwest US to successfully divest from private prisons. This campaign is a project of the Prison Divest NM Coalition.

Working with Prison Divest NM, a coalition that includes Santa Fe Dreamers Project, Teachers Against Child Detention, and Bend the Arc Jewish Action NM, fronteristxs has staged actions to urge the New Mexico Educational Retirement Board to divest pension funds from private prisons. 

As of August 14, 2020 approximately 50,000 shares of public school educator and staff retirement funds were invested in CoreCivic and GEO Group, two private prison corporations that operate 7 facilities in New Mexico, including jails, state prisons, and ICE detention centers. New Mexico uses private, for-profit prisons for about 44% of our state’s incarcerated people, compared to 8% in the rest of the US. Private facilities are infamous for maltreatment and shoddy conditions. They have minimal health and hygiene protocols, which they rarely follow, as revealed by increasing cases of positive COVID-19 cases in each facility.

Action #1: 
Sign the petition to divest NMERB funds from private prisons.

Action #2:
Submit public comments to NMERB in support of divestment.

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